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Marriage Nectar is
dedicated to helping you develop relationship skills critical to
strengthening marriages, building families and improving our communities.The Mission of Peachie’s Marriage Nectar is to provide married couples with self evaluating stories that will enhance their marriages. Their focus on a scriptural based marriage will allow them to serve God with love, power and purpose; to edify God through the sanctity of their covenant; to create a multitude of couples whose individual marriages are blessed because they truly reflect the fruits of the spirit. To help couples foster love, trust, commitment and understanding in their relationships which will ultimately enrich the church body and God’s kingdom in its entirety.

Are you single? Is the morale low in your office? We want to help you too! ~The same sought after qualities of a good marriage are also present in any healthy relationship. Give us a call today and we will show you how to develop better relationships.

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We offer One-on-One Coaching, Team Building, Marriage Ministry partnerships and tailor-made  workshops. Partner
with us to achieve success and fulfillment in your personal and business relationships. We are waiting to hear from you! 
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